Monday, April 7, 2008

That B%#&hy feeling

I just could not resist just pressing my mother and older sister button tonite. They were arguing about who borrowed who money. My sister offered us to use her credit card instead of cash so that she could obtained and raise her credit limit. Now for half an hour they were arguing whose who purchases what. There was this one moment when my sister was right and my mother was wrong but I decided to side with my mother just to see my sister get frustrated. While they were arguing I made my self a Ribena punch (Ribena + purple carrot juice) and spirulina crackers. I know, I was being evil, but hey I am no longer the sucker I used to be that can be manipulated, I am the manipulator right now.

Don't think my sister can use reverse psychology on me or my mother can use her deceptive stares to get something that does not exist from me. I am 24, I learned a lot, I can use it against them. I am know psychoing my sister using just the right amount of words without me being kurang ajar and I know how to give my mom the look that she likes to make just to make me say something...

Sometimes, I wish my dad was here more often, even though he is hot tempered, chain smoking, I am always right, moody old man. I just need that one male figure that will make my mom a wife and my sister to just shut her big buck teeth mouth up..
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