Saturday, March 1, 2008

Groovy Baby...

Groovy Baby.. is the line that Austin Power love to use, other Shag. :p.. He is actually just a character from my point of view to make fun of James Bond. You know a spy with lots of skills and sleeps with a lot women on the job. However that is not the main topic of this post

Groovy baby, if I am not mistaken this is the first movie of the Austin Power triology.

I went to a place called Sushi Groove in Sunway. 28 Feb was Abg Awie Bday, so I decided to treat him for lunch at this place. I read an article in The Star about this place so I decided to try out this place.

This place has like the most interesting decor for a restaurant ever. Its not like a typical Japanese restaurant but it has very pub like feel. The lighting is just right, I absolutely love the music that they were playing. You can sit in either tables seated for 4 or in these long school canteen like table where a bunch of friends can sit together or you can just next to strangers.

I like the green chopstick, sauce plate, and sushi plate

This the pickled red ginger, I tried eating a piece of it like that and it taste like regular asam but then ginger taste kicks in and I decided to wait for my sushi to arrive to enjoyed it with this pickled ginger.

When this arrived, I was like "excuse me, we wanted our dessert later" and the waistress went blur a while then she said "sorry sir these are pickled red ginger and wasabe" Hehehe very malu one we are :p...

Abg Awie ordered the a plain old mineral water (boring.... :p) while I ordered a mocktail which was made from orange, pineapple and soursop. I love it the soursop gave that extra touch in this sour drink, which I absolutely love 9/10. I wished it came in a larger glass ;).

This was the sushi we ordered. Actually I panicked when ordering because we did take our sweet time looking at the menu and because I got panicked when the waistress was waiting I blurted out the sushi that has one of the unique name. We ordered the Flying Geisha.

OH MY GAWD!!! I just popped one of 6 pieces that came in the Flying Geisha. My eyes rolled back with pleasure. To my shocking taste buds the sushi was warm, sweet, not too salty, crunchy and cooked. It shocked the hell out of me to have this wonderfull thing in my mouth, I quickly took a piece of pickled ginger and some wasabi and ate it. It was so good. I know the wrap of the sushi is made from deep fry tofu but I forgotten what is inside. I give this 11/10 because I liked it so much :D

This dish is called Chicke curry rice bimbibab. To me it look like a claypot rice since this was cooked on stone. It has rice, japanese style chicken curry, raw egg that had been just cracked in and this thing pencil sharpener "habuk" like thing on top. To my and Abg Awie suprised, the habuk thing moved, seriously man, it moved. It was swaying side to side, almost like those cheesy RTM choir. I was flabbergasted, I was like, what the hell is this? I just popped a piece in my mouth and it tasted like fish, and it was fish :D. The waitress offered to mixed in the rice for me, I guess to mixed the raw egg well so that it will be cooked properly. I give it a 7/10 because I wished the curry was stronger.

The bimbibab was burning hot, but I don't care, nak makan gak :D. I was so hungry..

Abg Awie had the Grilled Beef Soba Noodle. It was nice and tasted different from all the other beef noodle out there, partly because they grilled the beef strips before adding it to the Soba. I give it a 6/10.

This was definetly the suprised of the day. The manager suddenly gave us this complementry dish called Rock and Roll. I dunno why and I am not asking since it free :D. Rezeki tak elok di tolak :D. It was grilled beef wrapped around cheese I think. We loved it so much. I give an 8/10. It was such a nice suprise, I looked around and the manager did not gave other customers the complimentry dish. hmmm maybe the others been to this place before.

For dessert, I just had to try the black pepper ice cream. Yes you heard me its black pepper ice cream. If this is to wild for you there is wasabe ice cream and sesame ice cream. You can always try the green tean ice cream too. I just dug in the ice cream. Yes it does taste like vanilla ice cream but it has not blackpepper spicyness and warmness. It was weird my mouth is cold and sweet but the savory and spicy taste of blackpepper was there. It was definetly something worth to remember for. I will give it a 8/10. I wished the ice cream was a bit creamier :D

Abg Awie has the more regular, pineapple crept ice cream. It was also a delightfull treat. It was ice creamed with pineapple filling wrapped around this crepes and then drizzled with strawberry sauce. It reminded me of a sushi, I give this a 8/10 too.

In the end, this was definetly worth it. I mean the prices are quite reasonable and portions are large. For the sushi dishes you get at least 4 large sushi pieces. Many of the sushi not only had creative names but also creative design. The Unagi sushi, something I will try next time I visit here, had like 8 pieces or more and is shaped like an eel. Tak rugi datang. I love it. This will be my sushi place and I am willing to drive through the jam to eat at this place.



ob3-lg-1b (LG2) Sunway Piramid

Basically it is located opposite of JCo Donuts at Sunway Piramid. Its a floor below the Starbuck that faces the Sunway Lagoon theme park enterance. Its in the Blue Atrium..

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