Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fruit Time Car

Semalam tak dpt update, due to a black out caused by my house. Yes, because of our 3 phase electrical system, the row of terrace house located to the left of hour house was affected. It happened around 10pm and TNB only manage to repair it by 1 am. The 3 phase electrical system was not installed properly during the renovation hence problems that occurs now, which include the past black out during haji that only affected my room. Ade ke TNB kate, "after election can repair ah?" seriously they must be joking. My mum cannot sleep well at night for the fear of another blackout. Actually she has a fear towards electricity. Even if I were changing the light bulb, she would cover her ear when we tried to test it.

Anyway lately mum has been buying these red juicy dragonfruit. I love the blood purple colour and how it stains your lips and mouth with a dark shade of purple.

I was sleepy yesterday because I drove to LCCT to see a couple friends before they take off on their vacation. Hmm most of them are in there 30s. I am still in my 20s, so I can't wait to travel to farway places like them once I am finacially stable like them.

I was running low on energy, so I had to resort to coffee and anyfood I can get my hands on to stay alert. I mean other than seeing some really nice friends taking off, I wanted to test the capability of my "Baby" Mercedes on the highway, its has been a couple of years since the car travelled at "real highway speeds". The car did make it and no problems occured, except that when I went back home after lab, the warning lights for the radiator fluid was on. Oh crap, air kering, probably because I haven't filled the radiator with water for a quite sometime. At least I have a bottle of water for such emergencies. Baby is still okay, 17 years and still going strong :D

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