Sunday, March 23, 2008


Another Sunday just passed me by and another day just gone by. At least I got a lot done today so it was a day that is well used :).

My DNA extraction kit had just arrived, so now I have to really understand the operating procedure so I don't screw up all the time :p

Needle of doom or needle of life, you decide. Killing mouse so that other mammals could stay alive.

I seem to be on the bad luck side of obtaining a clear peritoneal fluid, I always seem to puncture a blood vessel so ended up the peritoneal fluid is contaminated with blood.

I took my youngest sister out to lunch today, since my eldest sister wants to sleep in and my younger brother has a gig that he is playing. Our favourite restaurant, Nandos.

My sister had her usual 1/4 chicken, Mild peri peri with 2 servings of peri chips

I loved their Chicken Caesar Salad, with 5 strips of Extra Hot Peri Peri chicken.

The soft grilled toasted port rolls is something that we always ordered. My youngest sister is so crazy about their bread.

Oh yes a serving of Peri Chips for me. Do you believe I would only have salads for lunch. You got to be kidding me.. :p

Then off to the arcade, to play table hockey. I forgot my younger sister is no longer the short girl who does not know how to play. Darn it, she has great reflexes and she beat me to a pulp :(

I been wanting to get a new sandals since last year, but only today I decided to get one. Somehow my comfort store will always be Bata. Any type of shoes I would get at Bata, from leather, sports, and sandals. Its just so much easier and I know I would like it. Probably some of you would fall off your chair hearing the thought of buying Bata shoes, but currently it fits my budget quite nicely :p

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