Saturday, March 1, 2008

My gate is falling down, falling down,

Yup no kidding, our front gate of my parents house, fell down. Ok it did not just fell down, my brother knocked it down.

See the gate landed on top of my mum bougainvillea.

Hey its a blogging oppurtunity while holding up the gate while my little brother was thinking of something.

My brother is the fool with the white shirt. The rest are his friends that came to his resque.

This is the same fool trying to tie up the gate to a wall so that it won't fall down on people especially children.

My car bumper got scratched and dented a little

The car bonnet edge was dented too.

The gate fell on our main pipes. The bust out pipe was repaired only 12 hours later when then water repairman finally came.

We had to use the Naza as gate tu prevent from thieves from coming in so easily. There were cases of thieves stealing lawn furniture you know. Total cost to repair the gate was RM 2000, this is because the gate is bent. Our is a sliding gate so a slight bend is not good and will shorten the life of the motor. This sucks.. so bad..he did something majorly wrong and yet my little brother had the nerves to go jamming today. I tel you.. impossible with that fella...

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