Monday, March 10, 2008

Jalan2 with a married friend..

It sucked really bad that starting the wireless connection in the lab was disrupted, I now have to resort to cable in order to gain Internet access. Its a bit troublesome since I cannot have the privacy of my own room.

Luckily my diploma friend who just gotten married a few weeks ago wanted to go out, she lived in Permaisuri but she rarely stepped to KL. Absurd right, but that night I showed her the way to Pavillion according to my own way. Yes its a she, my mom flipped when I told her I am going out with a married women. Hello!!! my colleague in the lab is married and I have lunch with her and ride in her car. Even 2 women next lab is married and I go out to lunch with them. My best friend in degree was a girl and her boyfriend did not mind she rides with me on my kapchai to class. Their husbands and boyfriend has no problem but my mom exaggerated more. There is no attraction between us, more like siblings lagi.

Beside she drove some more, and she has a nice little car, the Hyundai Coupe. although the car is pretty old, but it still looks fresh till today and very sporty. I love how it looks, very sexy.

Yup love the rims and the purple colour of the car. A little wash does not hurt lah Mimi ;)..

We went to have lunch at the food court. She babbled with her husband about the election while I sorang2 makan at the food court. Everyone every where is talking about politics.

I love how the Twin Tower shines at night. My dad and sisters works here, although my dad is overseas currently in Sudan. Not bad yah the quality of this picture even though I only have a VGA camera phone.

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