Friday, March 28, 2008

My prince's

Bz day today, so many things done today :)

I can't find my specs, where is it? Find the spec for me I can't find it

Can you find the spec???? I can't see it clearly, everything is so blurry.

Think Budlee, think, where did you put it.. Oh wait.. silly me.. I took it with me to the bathroom. So I can see where I am shaving my face.

Aha after shaving, I wanted to try out this Aftershave my dad got from Emirates Airline. Smells very nice.

I went to Jaya Jusco today at lunch, because I needed a new pillow and a second blanket. Look its a Honda Civic Type R... Naaaaak naaaak I don't mind its a stick shift, I am willing to use a manual if I have this car...

I like claypot chicken with egg.. and cili potong on the side :)

After work, I decided to meet with a prince from Brunei at Pavillion

Where on earth is that prince?

Still waiting with laptop in tow. Never leave it in your car, or risk having your windows smashed and the laptop stolen

Finally met the prince, why its prince rizal a fellow blogger in Brunei. A science teacher and a lucky bastard ( hehehe just kidding ah ) with a new Mistubishi Lancer (envy, jealous, geram, grrrrr.. :p)

What the hell, mlm2 buta pun, Jln Tun Razak still jammed...

See its almost midnight. As I crawled along, I found what went wrong, a car was involved in an accident and block two out of three lanes..

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