Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its Lab Day..

Well technically, its lab day, everyday for me till I graduated, heck, my professor said this lab will always be my lab even after I graduated... Today however is a bit different since my prof told me to take out all the slides of various types of protozoa, cestodes, and trematodes. I could not find any mites since there were no entomological slides available, nor there was any histopath slides for me to use.. I still haven't gotten around to take the brain of my frozen dead mice for the histopath slides... bila la nak buat...

Boxes containing slides that are not even in order

I had to take them all out an find the ones I want and group them together

Schistoma mansoni, the most romantic parasite.. because the male and female are forever bonded in a coitus position. Basically the male wrap itself around the female throughout their life time.

Boxes that have been sorted through
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