Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our camping/barbeque/company trip

Ok this is just my side of the camping trip. You can find 3 or more volume of the camping trip pics at Awie's blog. I am just snapping pictures when I had the time or the diligence of doing so :p. I was having so much fun in the waters to bother about taking pictures :D
See this the entrance, chongkak park and resort. We arrived at 10.00ish pm

These are the fees, RM 1 ringgit for entry and RM 2 for parking

Okay I was pissed off.. why you ask...

The gates were closed after 10pm and they only allow two cars per chalet. Another team had arrived before us to check in the chalet. Another car went in first.. so that leaves my car, outside of the gate...SENTAP!!!!

Well at least, there was another car parked next to me that is worth twice the value of my car if stolen :p

This the chalet, with one of Awie's workmates..
Its double story chalet, nice lah ...

Ah, my abg Awie, tampering with his compact camera to create the best shot.

Actually this picture was using my Samsung camera, using the night mode with no flash.. Wah it look a lot brighter in the picture that it does in life.

Ah cool morning at the waterfall, best wooo!!

This is the chalet at daylight, nice right...

The chalet got its own personal barbecue and picnic area in front of it

Even better, its own personal stream.

I saw this stray cat, but with nice coat. I guess its the fresh stream water and wild animals that gives this cat a nice coat.

This our new friend Luvis, he taught Awie all about photography and how to make the best of the camera you use, no matter if its a phone camera, compact camera or DSLR.

Chilling out with Awie's workmates and some of the staff kids.

I guess he is practicing what Luvis has taught him

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