Monday, January 28, 2008

Smells Like Cekodok..

My mom gave this thing called bedak kulit rambai that smelt like something you add when cooking gravy, curries and such. It was actually a scrub from Indonesia that my mom swears that it works better that The Body Shop Passion Fruit Scrub that my sister got for her.

It you look closely, the price was is Malaysian Ringgit, but my mom told me she bought it at Mekah. since Riyal and RM is almost the same, this is the price there. However its just bugs me that she went to buy something that flew 9 hours to the shop she bought only to be flown back to Malaysia 9 hours after to be given to me. I was like we could bought this here, and you bought it in Mekah. I am gonna blog this mama. She was like, blog lah, tak kisah... :D.. She still does not grasp the concept of blogging :D
Hurm its a product with many uses to improve the skin texture and so on..
We are supposed to add water to it and apply it our our skin before we take a bath. The texture reminds me of cekodok... :D. Well I did try it on my whole body, while concentrating my neck and the folds of my skin such has the knees and knuckles where there is hyper pigmentation, which is basically that part of skin is darker than the rest of the skin. The texture felt like a scrub, but as you apply it on dry skin, the paste dries up and it becomes a body mask. I just kept applying and kept rubbing the paste on my body. The rough texture makes its an excellent scrub. After that I rinse the whole thing off, and found out it made my skin very very very smooth. Hurm not bad, for something cost RM3 in Mekah, but too bad the smell is not very appealing to me because of the distinctive spice smell. I much prefer fruity smell but alas, this stuff is cheap and it does work. My mom told to apply my favourite body lotion......................................I was like seriously.... my own body lotion.......................???
How did she know I even had one... she must peeked in my closet.... thank god she did not found my stash of porn :P.....
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