Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Want a new car?

Want a new car for around 30- 40k, well this is it, this a brochure that leaked out and is not posted all over the net courtesy of people like me. Beside now worries about getting sued, I am giving Proton free publicity. This is what they called as viral marketing. It based on the savvy but has been stretched to fit in a boot and a bigger 1.3 campro engine. Its a improved engine with a better air intake system. The spec are in the second picture, you may need to really squint but as a basic car for those upgrading from a motorcycle or public transport, this car is a steal. Specs are comparable to Perodua Viva. Too bad the highline version has not been introduced. Only the normal, basic and mid line version has been introduced. For me if you need something cheap with a bonnet and a relatively big engine go for this proton saga. If you want small, spacious passenger interior and the expense of a small bonnet, with known and proven quality, go for the Viva. Choose your poison well my dears...

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