Thursday, January 24, 2008

Makan-makan di Jusco

I felt a lot better later this day, especially when Abg Awie wanted to belanja me dinner. Yee peee!!! nothing like a good free dinner to perk up the soul :D

See the grin, almost like this emoticons right :D

At the parking lot at Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan near Balakong.

See the Jusco sign, shine like a shiny start to provide people a place to shop, eat or to watch movies. They have a TGV cinema in there

Abg Awie said I could have anything for dinner, so we decided to go for tepayaki. Tukangtaip was actually the person who encourage me to eat here because I kept seeing tepayaki at his blog.

I had the cold green tea. Not only is was clean, refreshing and a good way to eat any Japanese based food, it also cost 90 cent, so it was a bargain for me. This does not have sugar in it, so it does taste weird to those not accustomed to drinking tea without sugar.

Awie has this exotic dessert called Fuji Ice. Well its just another fancy name for ice kacang :p

Yup this is Abg Awie doing what blogger all over the world do, taking pictures and eternalized it in blogs, cds, hardisk and photo albums

Burp!!!!!!!! that was a good dinner. Thanks Abg for belanja me today :D

We went jalan-jalan around Jusco since there was a sale going on here, I think from 12 Jan to 12 Feb or something..

He eventually settled for a comforter set for his bed. Not bad since the discount was 70% for this comforter, fitted sheet, 2 pillow case and 1 bolster set.

I remember this toy Matchbox car. When I was little, I used to buy this thing and bash them up together.

This is the Shelby Ford Mustang GT with a large capacity supercharged v8 engine...

Well that was my jalan-jalan today, now paying for parking. If you have a Jaya Jusco card, parking is free :D

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