Friday, January 25, 2008

McD on Friday

McD on Friday, I'm Lovin it.. Seriously I love Mc Donald's on Friday, just before prayers I would tapau a Mc Value set with a strawberry sundae and eat them either at the restaurant if I got time or I would just enjoy the meal in the car
Ahhhh.... the strawberry sundae, on the way from McD to the mosque the ice cream melted a bit. I love the sundae because you got big strawberry pieces in the strawberry sauce :D

Want to do with melted sundae?..... What else, drink up.... :p

Oh yeaaah curly fries, love them, love them :D

And the masterpiece, one of the many things that I have been waiting patiently every year, around Chinese new year... the Prosperity Burger. Square cut beef grilled to perfection, dipped in black pepper sauce and sprinkled with onion and placed between two toasted sesame seed bun.....A very prosperous meal indeed for me. :D

What!!! It vanished........ :D takde maknanya .... it's in my stomach being digested with hydrochloric acid as we speak, or in this case type :D

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