Monday, January 28, 2008

T day

I thought today would be a great day because I actually woke up early after Subuh prayers. I managed to leave home before at 8am instead of my usual 8.30am. I thought the traffic light near the Sg Buluh Tol Plaza would be fixed, but alas, it was still broken and the line is still pretty long.

See how many cars are stuck on with me, oh well, I'll just sit in my air conditioned car with the stereo blasting.
Today was Test day, hence the title of today post, T day, of my immuno parasit class. It was an open exam concept, where you are allowed to go online and look into books to answer the question. Sounds easy right....not, I find this to be the hardest. Imagine having to look for information from 20 journals in 7 hours. I would still be stuck on 1 journal in 7 hours, because medical journals are quite difficult to read, especially when you had to open a dictionary or a text book after every 3 or 4 sentences. Some more after each sentences or paragraph they will tell you from what source they got that info from, so basically you still have to find that journal in order to really understand it. I was in over my head today, I was confident at the beginning with my skeleton of my answers, but I ended up not being able to use it because I felt not confident enough to answer it. It was terrible moment for me... because earlier my Prof already gave the answer to my lab tech at 8am... so I was late, I thought the test starts at 9am... hantuu tol.... so I got on his bad side.. maybe his curse caused me to be overconfident, thus causing me to not to take this test seriously. To make matter worse, I could not hand in the answers sheets to my prof hands, because it was last minute and he already left. So I just left it in his pigeon whole. I felt very very horrible at that time.

I was not happy and disappointed at my self. (but at least this supposedly sad photo of me, turns out to be quite nice, I just got a haircut and I shaved of all of that so called facial hair. Plus this pose hides my double chin :D, definitely a keeper..) OKAAAY back to my melancholic self.. anyways I was down and decided to chat with this one person I hold close to my heart. This the advice I got, I don't remember the exact word but this is what how interpreted it

So? Are you going to complain or are you going to do something about it? Do you want to get an A+ or you prefer a B,C or perhaps you want an E for your grade. You need to focus, comprehend and understand what you are going to do. Stop complaining and do something about it...
Ouch.... not so kind words from someone I really like but alas.. those words were true and is real. I mean complaining won't get me anywhere, so might as well learn from this mistake. I definitely felt a lot better :). Back home after having dinner and talking to my mother and brother. I decided might as well do a facial.
Its not that hard to do it, after I took my shower, I just wash my face with this scrub I got at Watson. Its cheap and it does its job well. It has tea tree oil so it can help with some of my pimples that seem to have erupted recently. My relatives told me, pimples on the face represents that you have some one special in your life...... well I rarely get pimples so might as well believe these old wives tales :p..

After rinsing the scrub off, and pat my face dry, I just take some is this purifying mud pack and just a minute amount of water and just apply it to my face. I let it dry as I write this blog. After drying just rinse off, apply some toner on, put some moisturizer on and voila... a facial...... It easy, its relaxing, its cheap and it gives you nice skin..Oh relaxing way to end and not so relaxing day...

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