Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Through my eyes

Just another day for me, as a master student to conduct my experiment. I am making my daily rounds to the lab, to check on my mice, and bringing those that need to be experimented back to the lab.

My smug shot, carrying the smelly cage up to my lab.
One of the lab work that needed to be done is to obtained the blood sample from the mice, so I had to put the mice inside these nifty mice carriers.
We just need to snip just a little bit of its tail to obtained the blood.
We then collect it inside these small tubes and then stored in the refrigerator so that the blood will coagulated or clot, tomorrow these will be centrifuge and the serum will be extracted out.
This is a acute infected mice that need to be sacrifice so that we can obtained the parasites inside its peritoneal fluid. Its a beaker fill with ether, so the mice will fall asleep forever.
A humongous white rabbit, I wonder who will be using this ??

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