Friday, January 25, 2008

Traffic Jam

Another typical morning for me, driving to my University. I drove earlier today at 8.00am, but the traffic was building up after 2 km from Sg Balak tol.

So many cars, some are driving to Putrajaya some driving to KL via Sg Besi highway

Cars left and right, people with various jobs, thinking about today, tomorrow, themselves, their family and so on..

The line of cars during the morning crawl got longer..

As usual I kept my cool self..

Because I am driving a car with an automatic transmission :D

There was something that caught my eye in the side mirrow

An orange Myvi, with a familiar number plate..

This looks like my sister's car.. but why is she driving here.. she used to drive using the Cheras Kl highway and MRR2.

Well waddaya know, it was her. I sms ker saying why is she going on this road, she replied its much quicker using the Sg Besi highway this time of day..

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