Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Very Unproductive Day..

Shit man, as my younger sister would said. It was a very unproductive day, spent, pretty much doing nothing productive,

See the clutter on my desk, that is the same clutter as yesterday. I still haven't read those journals thoroughly. I also could not contact my prof since I need to return his multichannel pipette to him and get the lab multichannel pipette back because tomorrow is auditing day at the lab and we need every item to be audit.

See the yellow box, its filled with kits for my mice, but I haven't been able to use it lately because it seem the parasite in the mice has not been multiplying rapidly enough. It was bad enough two mice died without me, being able to transfer the parasite from their peritoneum to other mice. Right now I have doubts that the surviving trio of mice, even had the parasite in them.

See, it's 5 pm and I am still in the lab just clicking my camera away. Supposedly working hours have ended, but my prof told me "there is no such thing as working hour, every hour is a working hour of a Master student"

Then I checked the batteries of my camera was going bonkers. It would show that there is one bar left for taking pictures, but after pressing the shutter button the camera suddenly say "battery low" and shut it self off.. Just as I was about to get some more pics.

Seriously I was bummed out today, there is so many things on my mind.. My thesis, my experiment, my life, my car.. but most importantly there is someone that I kept thinking about all day.........

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