Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jalan-jalan Thaipusam..

After a visit to the lab, to check on my mice, Abg Awie said Luvis wanted to meet me, Shafiq and Ayie at Starbucks just to lepak2 and hangout. This is the Starbuck in Kajang, the only Starbucks, and its located at Metropoint, near Mydin and KFC Pizzahut.

Starbuck, you devil, you sell delicious, expensive coffee :D

This was second time Awie been to Starbucks and actually had something. He had this cheesy hot dog in a crispy pastry. Yumm.

I had the Java Chip Frapachino Venti. Oh bebeh, finally I got you :p

This is our friend Luvis, tinkering with his camera. He brought his laptop so that he could download out barbeque trip at Sg Chongkak from Awie's Cf card reader.

He was YM with a friend using Luvis laptop

Ah the YM, the cam and the coffee. Bliss :D

This is shafiq, he joined us later because he had some errand to run. A bowler and avid hobbiest of photographing

Awie and Luvis discussing stuff about blogging. Quite serious expression right :D

Shafiq our first bowler with his grace and pose :p

Awie with his bowling bags filled with shoes, bowling balls, gloves and other accessories

Luvis taking pictures of the bowlers here.

I was so hungry I had to buy this overpriced corn in the cup. Sentap right, the gave 20 cent change even though the change was 27 cent. I demanded my change no matter how small it is. It was a fun day for all us, and not a bad way to spend the new public holiday for KL and Putrajaya :D

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