Monday, January 28, 2008

Lazy Weekend

It was a nice and lazy weekend for me. I'm Lovin It. I went to check up on mice again on Saturday, just to see their condition. Still healthy, not good because if they are healthy it means the parasites is not multiplying fast enough or not even multiplying at all. :(. Not good. What to do meh.. just hope for the best that the parasites is in the mice :(.. So I decided to give my car a wash because it is so filthy... at the car wash I noticed something...

A miniature rooster and its bitches...urk I mean hens.. These are just miniature size of the real thing.
Look closely you can see the rooster is guarding his hens that is nesting inside that potted plant. We used to have these kind of chicken as pets, but they died either from hot weather (what my dad told me) or being eaten by stray dogs :(

My mom was too tired to cook so we decided to got to Pizza Hut and eat this large peperoni pizza. Yumm all that greasy, cheesy goodness :D

But at least I counteract it with this colorful fruit salad consist of honeydew, watermelon, peas, corn, carrots and beans. A very colorful dish that needs to dressing to be eaten. yumm :D

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