Tuesday, December 27, 2011



To think of something in a romantic why, usually in a way that is ideal, but not realistic. For example, a person might imagine a fairy tale every after, usually romanticized by books and movies, but usually life gives you hits and misses along the way.

Another good example is how I viewed public transportation that I take to KL every working day. I romanticized it as just sitting down while watching the scenery go by or just sleeping my way to work. In reality, with careful planning I can actually achieved such thing, taking a nap while going to work or standing comfortably without being shoved or holding into some slimy at the pole..WTF!!!! (it happened to day, I wished I had some sanitizers with me).

I buy lunch in the morning at the Kakak who sells nasi lemak and such, in front of the KTM gate. I think of her as a single women, with such hardship just trying to make a living, or perhaps a middle upper class housewife who led a comfortable life but suddenly life has decided to give her lemons  and gave her family a tragedy. So she tries to make ends meet buy having a small business till her husband is back on track. Who knows..

Its just a little story I keep in my head whenever I go to work..
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