Monday, January 2, 2012


I actually wish for something to surgically implanted in me so that I can communicate with electronics. Of all the electronicish thing I would do, the best would be a blog. So many random thoughts through out the day that I wish I had written down. It would a trip down memory lane if I could just flip back and re read all of those things that I have thought about.

Perhaps I should be more diligent in updating my blog via mobile. Well.. to be fair, I don't have regular mobile Internet connection yet. I still don't have room in my budget for that. If my Blackberry were still alive, I could just get those RM25 packages and update at whim.

Even if its just a few sentences. Might as well make a twitter account ya!!. However, unless I wrote down all of the interesting things in life that happen, in a interesting readable way, with pictures included, perhaps it would be a better read.

This is a still a personal blog, filled with personal rants that I keep open. Could it be the doom of my career? Then I shall write it with a code maybe to prevent any future problems.

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