Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Forget Famous Amos, throw away those Macaroons, and drop those cupcakes. These my friends are the real deal in sweet flour, sugar and butter snacks from the past, that still soldier on till today. These are just one of Kajang small town charm, which are jars and tins of biscuit in all kinds of flavour. One particular store also sells seeds, chips, and pet food. A snack for every species on earth!

I think many people especially those born in the 90s or those that live in the city will never see these jars and tins of biscuits. Instead you are served with square plastic containers, or even more mundane, pre packaged plastic wrap bags. All the charm is lost.

The old Chinese couple (usually any old couple) will sell these biscuits and it adds a certain charm to it, which really means I feel like a kid again. Then again, I don't think I grown up at all.

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