Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Reasons

I actually don't have a good reason to not blog anymore. Since Blackberry has returned into my life, in a more durable case, plus the inclusion of Celcom's improved Blackberry Prepaid, I should blog like a long Facebook status message.

But the real thing that makes me sad, is the end of the ETS six car coach service to Kajang or at least I think it has ended. So far, since last week, I have never been able to catch one. Its soo sad, since its the most comfortable coach ever, and I think myself and few hundreds passengers were spoilt with what Komuter could be, instead of the current reality.

sigh.. might as well be prepared to be mushed for 30 minutes everyday till the new 6 car coach arrives, or at least wake up earlier to catch the KTM from Singapore to stop at Kajang.
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