Friday, January 20, 2012

Fw: Annoyed

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I am insanely annoyed and the same time happy with the outcome of my masters and job applications. However my parent's have the ability to congratulate me and at the same time annoy me with questions that requires me to do some research before I can answer it.

For example, they keep pestering me pursuing my PhD. Sorry I had 4 years of brain damage from doing it. Its going to be a long time before I actually think about doing it. When they talk about work, it gets even more insane. Why does Petrosains pays so little, its an oil gas company (its not an oil gas company, its a science centre about oil and gas), why don't you get paid double on Sunday's ? (Its not a salary, its an honorium for doing volunteer work). Why don't you ask for a bigger pay? (For a job that only requires a degree and that I am considered as fresh graduate, the pay that was offered to me is considered the standard).

They choose to not listen to this. Sometimes they ask me on things I have no experience on such as, other jobs and position in Petrosains or they salary ladder (wtf, I don't know, can you wait till at least I actually work in one).

Aaah!! Avoidance is something I must do till the end of this month. No fucking way I am going to any fucking family outing. I would rather be working thanks.
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