Friday, December 2, 2011


Duromine, its an appetite suppressant that is approved to be used in various countries including Malaysia, if I am not mistaken a months supply of it could cost you RM200.

Why am I talking about Duromine? Do I want to loose weight? Yes, that would be nice since the slim fitting slacks that is actually in my size, felt a bit to fitting for me. It would be nice to actually be comfortable in them.

Actually now, what I really want from the drug is the appetite suppressant so that I would be starving like crazy at 6.00pm nor will I start to fall asleep at 5.00pm.

I can't drive home anymore since I volunteer at Petrosains. I will automatically fall asleep on the way home, even if I am the one driving.

Perhaps its time to add an hour or two to my current bed time. (I guess 6 hours is not enough)
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