Monday, April 9, 2012

Off with his head!

You know what is worst than having things that pisses you off, is that you are pissed off of feeling pissed off. Wth?

Its true, its just ruins the mood and makes me want to just cave up in my room. If I don't cave up I will lash out at everyone I know.

It just does not feel right. Little things just piss me off. Like hunger, I don't expect food to be on the table, but don't put any hopes up for me. If the food will be late, tell me. I can go eat some where else.

I just hate being dependent on other people other than my company or boss. They gave me money so I need them. The rest of human kind? No thanks, if I need you I would call you. If everyone died and I am the only one left, well that is the end of human kind.

Argh! I hate being hungry. Its different during fasting month because you know, by the end of the day there is food. Just like what Snow said in The Hunger Games, hope is more powerful than fear.

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