Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Of cars and trips

As the title states, I am not finish ranting about my car, well this would be the final paragraph. The last time I wanted to get this particular stock, the company said they stop making them, then they started to make them again. It happened again!!! I wanted to get the model, but it was stopped. Luckily they say it will be continued again. Fuh!!. I guess I am not getting one so soon. I remember getting one during my masters and it really cramped my budget and it was 1/3 of my salary. Fuck.... It still surprises me how people who make less than I do now and still have an alternative model car that I want... Fuck again..I guess I need to change my budget.. (duh...)

Anyhow, I am planning for a trip to Sabah by the end of my probation period. I want the trip to be nice, I want a nice hotel, not necessarily 5 stars, but something nice, with a nice breakfast buffet. Yes, a nice hotel with a breakfast buffet equals to a holiday for me.  I also want a sunburn along with the tan, if I am not dark then its not a holiday at the beach. Then I get all crazy with the whitening serum and shit..
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