Monday, March 12, 2012

Of a Car

Buying my own car is a dream that I have every since I was a little boy. All kinds of model comes to mind, from the cheap to "celaka, mahal sial". Since I have no idea how much they cost of how much I would make per month, it was all a fantasy.

Now I finally gotten a job and I about to start my career, reality just sunk in. I can't really buy the car I want.

In truth, I am capable of getting the model I want, even with my modest starter salary, however maturity and experience has told me, a car is more than just the monthly payment. There is petrol, insurance and service. Don't  forget about Tol and parking rates. Suddenly owning a car starts to be a bleak and sad thing to think about.

For many people, its just something for you to drive from A to B, but I am car lover, although mechanically challenged, but I do understand most of the technology in it. So I want those gadgets and equipment in my car.

According to financial planners (FUCK YOU), a car is a depreciating asset, so you must spend as little as you can for it. That means either paying it by cash, have a h/p of maximum 4 years or use only 13% of your salary to pay for it monthly

Da FUCK with that shit, that means its either you drive a black bumper Viva or a 15 year old car. In a market where cars are really expensive those fucked up advice are just not well thought for the local market nor are they thinking about salary of those just starting to work.

Not everybody is qualified or even picked in an oil&gas company or other types of profession whose pay starts at more than 3k..

Fuck them...

There are some that chooses to buy a house, I am just mildly annoyed with these people but its manageable but if they said they want a home on the ground and not an apartment when they live in the city and have the nerve to complain the high price, well you are just fucked up as the fucked up financial planner. I will run you both down in my 20 years old car...
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