Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What does contact lenses, Retin-A, sunscreen, shaver and a monthly trip to the hair salon have in common?

Its my regime to keep looking young as long as I could. Glasses, leathery rough skin, unkempt facial hair and scruffy hair are signs of myself getting old. Hey, there is plenty of other guys out their with coke frames, rough skin, stubble and unkempt hair that looks like a K-Pop star, actor or just hipsters, but I don't think its something suitable on me, or at least suitable with whatever I have in the closet.

I think I would prefer to say 28 until I am 40 at least. That is like, 12 more years. However some people do look young without resorting to anything, but do I really want to take that risk. No thanks, I will keep doing what I do now.

Btw, I dye away my greys every 3 months, which is actually due already now, and I haven't gotten around to do it yet. Better lay on the peroxide now..
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