Friday, February 17, 2012

Just a rant

The day I gotten the forms to make my own employee pass was the day my weight balooned up. Its not a total surprise since I have been binging a lot the past few days and that so called experiment of eating a subway directly for a week. I know my body if I choose to eat bread instead of rice, I will gain weight, if I eat more rice I will still gain weight. However if I maintain a normal portion of rice, my weight just hovers at its current level. So the summary for this is to eat less... Fuck.. where is the will power when you need one.

Speaking of pictures, I was told it would be better to wear a shirt and a tie, since the pass will be something I use for a long time. I had the nerve to ask my mom to iron my shirt because I was so damn lazy. I am not really hitting any nerve because she does it anyway when I do wear a shirt, but I wear it very rarely nor do I ask her often. Just these rare occasions.

I should stop focusing on my face since its perfect. The rest of my body needs more pampering. At least my lips are getting taken cared of since I use lip balm more regularly now. If I have to be fat on stage at least I have good hair, nice skin, groomed sideburns and moist lips.
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