Monday, February 13, 2012

Of vanity?

Am I putting on makeup? Am I trying out for a chinese opera? Neither, its just Temulawak, a type of petroleum jelly or vaseline based cream that is mixed with titanium dioxide along with other emollients such as goat milk and beeswax. This is how some of my friends wear it, religiously before going to bed at night. They claim its for whitening and keeping the skin acne free. Well judging from the ingredients its just a basic moisturizer. So I guess you will get some benefit from it although not state of the art stuff like retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluric acid or other good stuff.

Anyhow, I was bored and this stuff was sitting on my desk so might well have fun looking pasty. Literrally Rm 50 slip of my hand, I shoved it down my pocket and it must have came out when I tried to get my phone out. It really ruined my weekend and it reminded me of the time I lost my parking ticket and had to pay a fine. Definitely a mood breaker. Not much that I can do but really watch my budget. In theory I should be ok, but I like to have a surplus of money so that I would feel secure.

Anyhow my science show is coming in a few days and I kinda nervous. I have to make sure that I at least look good while sounding good. I must look presentable on stage. If only appetite control was easy as slapping on a cream, but there is those diet pills that I blogged before but then will it really work? I have cream for my feet and I still fail to use it. It makes them slippery in the morning which increase the likelihood of falling facedown on my face in the morning. Another part of me that I failed to take care are my lips. Lots of marks just scattered everywhere on my lips because I like to bite my lips habitually.

I pay too much attention to my face that I ignored everything else. However right now my face is doing quite well unlike a year ago when sudden breakout due to excessive facials and trial laser treatments. Ughh. Too many things to take care, it just gets really frustrating and tiring. I haven't even started on my hair and clothes. Urghh... I must make proper grooming second nature or at least wake up earlier to be more presentable and prepare a healthy lunch.

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