Friday, September 14, 2012

Volvo V40, Pedestrian Airbag System

Its the latest technology in pedestrian safety. Manufacturers have been trying to improve their score in NCAP, on pedestrian safety. While most manufacturers developed softer bumpers and hoods, design that will lift the pedestrian over the hood instead of tucking it under the car, while Citroen hood raises up during pedestrian collision, Volvo introduces a pedestrian airbag, which covers the front windscreen to further reduce head trauma during a pedestrian accident
This is a standard feature on all of the brand new V40

How the airbag and lifted hood designed to lift, protects a pedestrian during an accident.
Whats my take on this new technology?
I don't give a fcuk. Why would I care about pedestrians living after being hit by a car. Some might scorned at my insensitivity but, I am about to be hit by a car, will I always be flung up onto the windscreen? What if the car runs me over? Is there an airbag to protect me from being rolled over by the tires? So I am thrown onto the airbag, then what? I am stuck and protected there or will I roll off and fall on my neck and break it.
I love airbags, I want 6 of them in my car, but pedestrian airbags? NO!

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