Monday, July 5, 2010

Bandung Shopping

It was our first family trip overseas together, and we decided to go to Bandung, Indonesia. The capital of West Java Province in Indonesia. With more than 7 million people and still growing, this moderate temperature city (23 Celsius) is a shopping and food heaven for locals and international tourist.

There are lot of clothing outlets here, relatively medium size clothing outlets selling, their own T-Shirt designs, or factory outlets selling last seasons, leftover stocks or rejected items.
Each store has there own style, but mostly they carry the same brands. Almost all the time, they sell it at the same price

That is why, whenever you find an item you like, might as well take it now. Since you may or you may not find it again.

They have really great service. The staff are eager to serve you without smothering you or giving you attitude.

Its nice, if you have a driver (supir) to drive you to all the shopping outlet for you to shop till you drop.

This is Pasar Baru (in Braga?? I forgot.. hehehe, just ask the driver and he knows), view from the top floor. This place reminds me of Pasar Payang in Terengganu.

You can get a lot of textiles here. Ladies would loved the abundance of options here. My mother loved this place

A feast for the eyes. Again the sales people are rarely pushy, although there were many people trying to sell me something off their carts (I had 10 drink seller, 5 key chain seller, and 2 songkok seller approached me)
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