Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Good lord..

This blog has become from plain to ridiculous boring!

What happened to the updates, what happened to telling me people what kind of face cream I use, what kind of cars that is hot, how bitchy some people in my family can be and how annoying people in life can be..


I should have schedule.. right now, I don't have any..

Tsk2.. and this blog generates money, even though its just a few cent a month, although sometimes they be like a huge boost of a ringgit or two, but I am not a die hard blogger.

Well, at least one should write, right?

Seriously, but if you have a blogger with sooooooooo many words, won't you be just a bit more irritated or if the blog is so emo, won't you feel like this blog is bringing you down..

Tsk tsk..

Or is it, there is too many things to write, so much that I just forgo the whole thing

Tsk tsk indeed.
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