Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Day?

I woke up early but end up sleeping again. I felt so tired. I thought it was Friday. NOT!.. it was only Tuesday..erghh.. I really have to start to sleep earlier, but I can't. Perhaps its the late night gym session. I swear to you, I never seem to be able to get out of the house before 10pm. Thank goodness this gym closes at 12am. My body is aching from doing things its not used to do, such as moving. A gym friend of my told me this was normal, since your body is not used to it. One thing about gym that you should know before actually registering in one, is that it makes your appetite grow incredibly. Everything taste so much better after a work out. Which is why some people never loose weight at the gym *thats me, although they do firm up a bit. I guess it depends on what you really want to do with your body. I don't have that much complain, although having a pair of strong arms for myself seemed quite practical. However tonight might be an off night. I am baking some cookies for dear friend. He loves it so much, even though he never tasted it "Budddd nak cooookies" are the things he would ask me whenever there a baking post.
I wanted to use our old oven but it still leaking gas. When the repairman came and tested the oven, no gas was leaking but when I tried the day before yesterday, it started to smell gas. That huge oven, cuts the baking session in half because more cookies could be baked at the same time. I hope by changing the gas cylinder head,it would not leaked anymore.
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