Friday, July 30, 2010


Me and the workshop are inseparable. Its seems I maybe one of the responsible one in the house to service the cars. I was told by friends, if I still live in the house, they would still depend on me to service the cars. Its very tiring because of the long hours. You can try to book your next service but it does require planning. However last time I booked a service, it still took the same time as the time I walked in early in the morning. It kinda makes booking pointless to me. Perodua Service Centre in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, is nice. There is Wifi and free coffee drinks while you wait more than an hour for the car to get service. Honda, Imavest near MRR1 or is it MRR2 is nice too, with free Maggi and coffee drinks. Although the Honda service is much more quicker than Perodua. Perodua cars however only require servicing every 6 months or 10K, Honda on the other hand, needs servicing every 3 months or 5k. If you don't follow it, your service warranty maybe void. That sucks really bad since that same interval was created almost 100 years ago. They say its preventative, I say its trying to milk out the customers money. This is because other manufacturers now recommends the 6 months or 10k on their cars too. Eh what to do, I mean if that is your own personal choice to do a much shorter interval, then its your choice. If the choice was forced on you, now I got beef to chew. Anyways, my Viva has been way over abused by family members. It was scratched in multiple places, mileage is quite high. I think we did around 30k a year for this Viva. It is quite fuel efficient in the city and highway as long you don't try to push it hard (actually this advice is for every vehicle really)
Yawnnn.. I was the first customer in, but since my windows, my side mirror and my automatic transmission needed to be changed/repair. I won't be the first one to go out. ZZZzz.. more free coffee please..
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