Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jusco with the siblings

Yup went to Jusco Cheras Selatan with my siblings for dinner and a movie.

Went in my sister Myvi, it felt great driving a small car, after driving the big lethargic silver Naza Ria. With everyone on board, the car felt much more comfortable on rough roads

Walking behind them, you can my siblings walking up front in black, white and green

We all went to see this movie, the movie is so so. I wanted to see it because its has been long time since I seen Alvin and his brothers in action. It is funny at the beginning but in the end it got pretty dull. Suitable for children or adults who remembered this cartoon when they were young and wanted to see a CGI version of them 3.

We then had dinner at the food court since everyone did not like my choice of food. Is tepayaki, sushi and eel so bad? Well my sister had the penang curry mee (on the left) and I had the fried kueh tow (on the right) both were quite tasty. I give it a 7/10.

My older sister had claypot chicken while my other sister and younger brother had Coney Island hot dogs. Both are delicious, so I will give it 8/10. However, slow down when eating the claypot chicken because it could burn your tongue, because the food is still actually cooking in the heated claypot.

There was 3 chillie (a beef and other herbs gravy) hot dogs, the third one was for my sister, but she did not finish the hot dog because she was full with her claypot chicken. Look at that moist, tender, juicy hot dog dripping with chillie, it was a quiet and calm moment for me to enjoy the hotdog.. :p

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