Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kedai Golf

This is the "secret" place that my colleagues and I eat almost everyday. We simply called it "Golf" because this food stall is located near UPM golf course. This stall is only known to a hand full of staff. I think my colleagues and I are the only student who actually eat here because this stall is located quite far from the hostels. This place is always packed with people during lunch, so I always go before or after the peak lunch period which is around 1-2pm. Its funny, when we told newbies about the place we are going to eat, and they thought that when we are eating at the "Golf" they think of a country club, where you pay RM 5 for a glass of orange juice and RM 10 ringgit for fried rice
See the stall, nothing fancy at all, but people kept packing the place .
Pepsi the "new generation drink" a motto Pepsi used in the past to make it different from Coke "the real thing"
Today eating alone, because all my colleagues are busy with their lab work.
Kampung fried rice with fried egg. RM 4.00. It was quick because some other people ordered the same thing, but because I had to share the Wok with someone else, the portions were less than it was before.

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