Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My gadgets (duit elaun yg dileburkan)

I am in the process of making this blog a lot interesting to read and just show my view of the world to those around me. I used the allowance I got from being a minion to my prof (a research assistant) to get me all these gadgets. The quintet above me is the phones I have in my collection. The first one on the left is the Nokia 3310, the model with the faint green light, not the blue one. Then followed by the Sony Ericsson a phone that my father passed down to my mother and my mother passed it to me. It was one of the worlds first colour screen handphone, with not 1 not 10 but 256 colours. It has like all the latest features not is some phone still don't have such as bluetooth, ifrared, mms and a camera, but the camera is the detachable kind that you connect with to the bottom. Then followed by my other "baby" the Nokia 6085, I love the phone, love how it looks, love how the keypad feels and love the function. Too bad it only has a VGA camera, but still, I am satisfied. Lastly the one one the right, the Nokia with the antena is the Nokia 6101. It a rather old model, but I bought it for my Maxis prepaid. I only like Nokia sms system, its far easier for me. By the way all 4 phones still works ..

This my first digital camera I bought with my own money. Its a Samsung S730, a basic point and shoot camera. Its really quite good, with 7.2 megapixel, anti shake, and voice and video recording. It even has some manual functions. Quite happy with it.

My life and soul is in this laptop. Well actually my thesis project and everything about me is in here. I got it for 1750 with a mouse. Quite cheap, but it has a celeron M processor, 512mb RAM, 80gb, and DVD burner. Its ok for doing work and playing some old games, we can play newer games but at the lowest and suckiest resolution.
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