Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Steam Sterlized Salt

I was kinda stress today at the lab, because my scholarship and GRA forms was delayed because I procrastinated, but alas they were processed. So out of boredom I prepared my sterilized saline that I used for my experiments. These are the steps I followed.
Very important ingredient is the sodium chloride, just a fancy name for table salt.

This nifty little contraption is nothing more than a very sensitive scale, that is just a piece of paper I placed on top so that I could easily measure and pour out the NaCl2 into the beaker.

Can't forget the distilled water to dissolve the NaCl2

We mixed the NaCl2 and distilled water inside this jar and then we taped it with an autoclave tape. The tape will reveal black stripes just like the one on the right, the one of the left is a brand new tape that has not been exposed to autoclave.

This washing machine fridge look alike hybrid is actually the autoclave. This contraption will high pressure steam to sterilize any equipments or lab media (culture agar, the pink or red ones you see in labs on television on the petri round dish).

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