Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to make money?

Yeah, nice title, but not much info in the post. However there is a question mark at the end, so its a question and not a fact. So the only reason you stumbled upon this entry is because you are

  • drunk
  • sleepy
  • near sighted
  • far sighted
  • you miss me (awww!!! hugs hugs)
In reality it was just a conversation a friend of mine had with me just a while ago. He just got into the banking industry, when he starts to talk about money and investment, my wall just suddenly went up. I have this sense of someone trying to sell me something. One must know, in order to sell me a product, you don't sell me a product. Confusing? yes. However ask Paula Choice, Groupon, Ikea, Tesco and Marc & Spencer, they never ask me to buy their products but my nose keeps going to their stuff.

We talked about some form of passive income. You know, active income is the income you get while working and passive income is income you get while not working. See, simple as a Mc Donald's apple pie. However, sources of passive income in a plenty. Investment, insurance, rentals, multi level marketing etc etc etc. Ask someone they will probably lead you to someone they know and then will pressure you to buy their products

So far, I am free from that trap/investment, but I am thinking of it in the future but for now I am definitely a master in managing my credit cards and making it work for me and allowing me to cash its benefits. Like seriously, I got cash back just because I spend it on something I really need, versus spending on something I don't need.

Well perhaps, blogging is another form of active income (bullshit!!, you can't make money if you update once every 3 months, and your reader does not grow)

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