Monday, May 13, 2013

Pushing luxury

So it's midnight, and we are supposed to be asleep right. I can't but only because I took a 4 hour nap during the day and damp, that felt really good. It's a luxury that some take for granted or its something that some people normally do.

For me nap times are usual price reserved at precisely 6 pm during workdays. While some people it's the time to go home, gym or class for me it's the time I can get so drowsy. No amount of coffee can keep me up.

Other forms of luxury that I found is a source or luxury is gourmet coffee, these are the Starbucks, Coffee Bean, San Francisco etc. I mean Rm 7 for a cup of black coffee, that is just insane but dammit it just hits the spot nicely and if you lepak at one of its cafe, at least the comfy atmosphere and wife makes up for the price.

I think driving is a former of luxury, I don't how a car but I drive whatever there is available to me in the porch. You get to be in a concoon where the air is cool and your fave music is blasting on the radio. However it's only good on clear roads, when there is congestion it's feels daunting and it's very tiring.

On hot days like this, it's thankfully that my room is equip with an air conditioner. If I had a house I would forgot the closest and get an AC. It's does cost a lot to run it, but I keep it green by just setting the temp to a nice 25 C°.

I have no idea what am I ranting but I guess it has to be related to a book I am currently reading titled "Shopping; why we love it and how retailers can create the Ultimate customer experience". I like it because it gives us the breakdown of what shopping is and how we become suckers to retailers and what they do to attract us.

Anyhow, it's just a small part of my huge book collections, it's nice and it's a reason to get bookshelf my room or throw away all the old notes that I plan to never read again.

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