Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Black Love...

Oooh.. such a kinky title. Now get your head out of the gutter, its actually my undying love for my Blackberry. I am not sure how to write that sentences in past tense, because I lost my Blackberry. Losing a phone is something quite tragic in this era, especially if its smartphone. After all, it's something that you carry with you everywhere, been with you through the good and the bad times. It wakes up up, it cheers you, it makes you cry.

My first knee jerk reaction was to get a brand new Blackberry. I was looking at the Z10 and I liked it, I almost bought if not for the silly 2% charge they impose if  I want to pay using my credit card because I did not bring enough cash with (I don't usually carry 2.5k with me, but I'm cool if you do). I did my research for a while and even though the Internet states that Z10 is an LTE device, there are 4 different Z10 on the market and we got the non LTE version because Malaysia does not have LTE. Well we do, but only in certain very limited areas and it only works for data only and not for voice for now.

Anyhow I tried going around to see other stores that carries Z10. Maxis, Digi and these small independent stores and they still carry the non LTE version. At first I was cool about it, I mean its not like I actually lived in an LTE area nor do I actually require it for now. However I still had time to think and I began doing some more research. Although I lost my phone, my Blackberry was smart enough (or I was smart enough) to keep doing backup using Blackberry Protect, so I had everything on my phone except media, back up online.

It all went well until I found out the new Blackberry OS does not support backup using Blackberry Protect. I was so furious and angry. Why are they making this so hard for me. So I managed to get a hold of my sisters' Curve 8520 and began to update it and I managed to back up my files again on it. Out of the blue I tried activating my dead Curve 8310 and miraculously it came alive. So all went well again. I even managed to save my Blackberry contact to Google.

Now I never have to worry about losing my contacts again, I even backup my second phone contact to Google. So I could just get a Z10 now, however I began to think, why not just use 1 phone for now. Get one super awesome that can do everything and just carry one phone. I began to look at all the high end Androids on the market, only because I love Google and its products, I have the Nexus 7 and it does what I need it to be doing.

So I took a look at the Galaxy S4 and was dissapointed that it does not support LTE. Again, the Malaysian version does not feature LTE compared to the US and UK, although we got the Octo core processor while they got stuck with the Quad core processor, albeit it is clocked higher than the Octo core.

I began to contemplating on getting one and I was so ready to get one, until Blackberry drop a bomb on me. They just launch the Q10. What is it you ask? its a new Blackberry with a keyboard just like all the Blackbery Bold Series before it. It also features LTE...


Its everything I wanted in a phone!! It has an internal memory (16GB), it has a micro SD card slot, it has LTE, it has a touchscreen and it has a keyboard. The latter is something ultra rare in the high end spectrum of the Smartphone world. The only thing holding it back for me is the lack of apps. Even the Youtube app is not an app, its actually a link to the mobile version of Youtube. That is so lame, although Blackberry 10 OS does support flash, so you can actually just view the desktop version if you must.

That is actually one of the weakness of Blackberry, if people say Google has a weaker store compared to Apple, the Blackberry store is even worse. Everything just suck really bad. However people at has shown that you can actually side load (that is the weird term) Android apps into Blackberry. I guess that solves the problem. 

Do I really need another Blackberry, after all, the S4 does do everything and it belongs to Google I put my life on Google. It integrates work and home all off my Android devices easily. I do have a Galaxy Ace and a Nexus 7. Which makes it kind of anal to have 3 devices at the same time.

In the end, I still am unsure of what phone to buy. The Q10 is so tempting, it screams at me. It does come out much later though...although not that late, online gossip states that it might come out mid or the end of May. Is it worth the wait?
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