Monday, May 20, 2013

Age or Habit?

I am not sure whether age has caught me or is this a nasty habit that is forming.

I automatically fall asleep at 5.50pm.

No joke, I will start to feel drowsy my 5.30pm and by 6.00pm, I will need a 15 minute nap so that I can go home. Yes a nap before going home. Its kinda like being in a preschool. At first I pin point it to just being tired, after all I communicate with people all day, and it does drain you. It feels like I should definitely get that Starbucks spill free mug or get something cheaper than that and drink coffee all day long because I feel like I loose that alertness when working.

Its a paradox actually. I get sleepy when there is no visitors, so I approached them and communicate with them warmly and it does wake me up. However after that I get tired because I had to communicate with them, so I have to drink coffee to wake myself up again. A paradox I tell you!

However it just does not stop with coffee, sometimes I need something else other than coffee. That is where these Energy drinks come to the rescue. My favourite drink is Red Bull Less Sugar but not Sting Energy drink has become a an option, mainly because of the strawberry flavour option. Yes it does work, I become chirpy and more alerted each moment.

Damn, this is definitely an expensive habit, but probably cheaper that cigarettes, or perhaps I should try them too. Nah.. I rather drink my money than smoke it.

Right now I need to take more selfies....
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