Saturday, December 11, 2010

Style 2

I finally went to a friends wedding, but only because it was a short drive away from home and the bride to be gave me the invitation by hand. What to do, I guess I have no reason to not go.

After the sudden talk from my friends about my sloppy, don't give a f#$k attitude towards clothing, I decided to give it a change one more time. I do have nice stuff in my closet, its just that when I go out to meet them, I don't wear it. I just grab the comfortable stuff in the closet. Yes comfortable means worn out, loose, and baggy. Maybe I should just wear to intentionally piss them off :p

Yes I admit sometimes I wear really ugly stuff because I needed some comfort during times of sadness, but that does not mean what I wear reflect what I feel all the time. I don't feel sad wearing them, I only feel sad when people complain about it.

Ah well, I just gotten my trousers back from the tailors for some mending. I think the tailor was really experienced because I wanted to change my comfort jeans into my other fitted jeans, I even had a pair brought it to mend the button as an example. What the tailor did was, he took 2 inches off the waist and 1 inch of the the legs. The jeans fit much better and the waist is just nice, but most important of all, that comfort, secure, protected feeling was still there. Still my pair of jeans.

I think I will take my tailor philosophy of my wardrobe, there is so much I could follow from my friends, but I am the one who would wear it in the end. I will make it my own. Worse come to worst, another brave soul comes and try to change my wardrobe again. Good luck to who ever you are out there.

**its difficult for them to understand the difficulty since they buy stuff off the rack and fits them perfectly, with my body shape, its a challenge.

Chuck Norris jeans, guaranteed to fit you or he will come by and fit you in the jeans himself.
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