Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I like to complain, I like it so much, I will complain about everything. I'll complain till you ears bleed. I complain so much, 7 eleven gave me a hamper for complaining and a direct line to their office HQ for Kajang. I am on Celcom bitchy list, since my calls are taken very fast. A computer store in The Mines gave me a certificate when I filed a complaint towards their employee.

I have few friends that I complain too. The good thing is, its mutual. They complain stuff back to me and I help them. Then, I complain about shit that happen and they help. However, there are the rare inviduals, that only  listen to my complains, but they never have anything to complain or bitch about. I am totally amazed by it.

One of those friend, claim that ignorance helps him to move and see clearer picture. Damn.. I thought ignorant, but I guess not ignorant enough of the minor details so that I can focus on the main details

College.. I got it.. 10 years of and counting....
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