Sunday, January 2, 2011


A friend, the trainer, magazines and basically almost any other diet or fitness or whatever health stuff reading material out there, constantly tells us to eat only when we are hungry. This will helps us control our weight and lead a healthier life. I have a few friends that follow this rule and out of curiosity I tried to follow it.

Nope.. it does not work, I get hungrier faster than they and get fuller much later than them. I guess my "container" is different in size than theirs. So as I sat here hungry and burping out the air that has taken space in my stomach, all of them stayed calm and normally.

Erggh.... the easy way out is to go down and get 5 packet instant noodle and some eggs for a quick meal, but no. I wanna see how long I could stand it. I might breakdown and rush down the nearest mamak or blog even more than usual.
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