Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Facial

My face looks red but strangely smooth. It reminds me of a sunburn, however when I get a sunburn, I will become darker, and more red. However this was not the result of a sunburn. Instead this was the result of my first ever facial. DAMN IT HURTS. Actually it started out pretty well, they apply this cleanser and then this rough textured cleanser (scrub). After than they apply this cream or something and start to massage your face. That massage felt really good. Then HELL BREAKS LOOSE. They said, they were going to treat my blackheads. I thought my blackheads was on my nose only. WRONG!!!! I got so many blackheads all over my face. The lady in charge said, I have a relatively clear face but I have a lot of blackheads at the sinus areas, which is all the area near my nose such as the cheeks, the chin and the between my eyes. If you look closely, you will how red those areas are. The areas were red because they had to manually remove the blackheads using this tool
These are a few tools for removing blackheads and whiteheads. They take the round noose shape end and dig through your skin to remove it. It hurt like hell because I don't ever prod or poke my face. The torture lasted a  for like 30 minutes. By the end of 30 minutes I was ready to give up on the pain. I did not scream but I kept quiet but tears were flowing down my face. The lady took charge and took almost every blackhead. I think she did, she never stopped and I never asked her too, although I almost did. She only said the same thing my dentist said "tahan siket yer" (hold on okay). I was so glad the torture was over, because the next thing they did was to place a mask on top and then let you chill for like 15 minutes or something. I woke up to find swollen and red skin :( However, the skin was smoother.

I admit I did saw black spots at the areas that she poked and prod, but I ignored them. She did took all the blackheads out I think. She showed me the gunk that came out of my face. My face felt tender and raw afterwards. It was definitely an experienced that everybody should do. My friend, who never told me, he has done this before, said its perfectly normal to feel pain during your first extraction, but after a while, there will be less extraction needed. My skin does feel smoother and soft actually despite the redness.

Will I do it again? Why not, if I have the time and money. However it makes me wonder, if I do choose to do an all over body spa thing, will it hurt like a facial? Erghh.. scary
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