Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Write a blog post titled “If I Were the Green Hornet”, and tell us what you would do to stop crime.

Whoa... the Green Hornet. I saw the trailer of this movie and I immediately want to see it. Seth Rogen as Britt Redi and a big name from Taiwan, Jay Chou plays as his sidekick Kato. Seth Rogen looks great in this film, he lost weight just for this film because it will fit the character better. Even better, he does not mind if he gained weight after filming, because he feels comfortable being a chubby bubbly guy. Damn the guy has a lot of positive vibes leaking out of him  Jay Chou, I thought he looked familiar, I knew he was multi talented artist, but it totally went over my head that he was the main actor in Initial D (but I haven't even seen Initial D the movie...gotta get the DVD now..)

What I did not know about this movie is, that the story of The Green Hornet, started out as a radio show in January 31, 1936. When Malaysia was Malaya, a British Colony, before World War 2, before Japanese invaded Malaysia, before the rise of Communism, before Singapore separated from Malaysia and before Nuffnang existed!!!.

The Green Hornet story was incarnated into various forms, in movies and TV shows. When it was incarnated into a TV show in the 60s, the late Bruce Lee, played Kato. Whoaaa, how awesome is the history of this movie. However one thing that remain certain was the usage of the car that was called Black Beauty

 Seth Cohen and the Black Beauty

Full view of the Black Beauty with guns, dubs and infragreen light.

Alright back to the original idea of this blog.

"Write a blog post titled “If I Were the Green Hornet”, and tell us what you would do to stop crime"

Well, the Green Hornet is kinda like Batman, Green Arrow and other DC or MARVEL characters that do not have any superpowers but they are bloody rich, fit, good looking and want to fight crime at night. When do they actually sleep anyway?. Anyhow if I were bloody rich, fit, good looking and want to fight crime at night, I have to do something that I can do and that I am doing now.

No.. not whine or complain how sucky life is but use my knowledge in parasites to developed my own weapons to fight crimes

I keep my genetically modified parasites (GMP) inside mice.

The GMP will multiply into millions of GMP 

A tissue cyst containing  GMP that can be introduce to the food and water they drink. Another form called oocyst which is a dry sporozoite form can be used in bullet shells to disperse my GMP

Instead of taking days to infect, my GMP will instanly infect the person exposed to it

 All if is left is one chunk of meat that can be disposed in a bag

 We all need our costumes to protect our identity. True its not original. but can you detect me in the various labs, hospitals and universities in the world?

 Also, don't forget a sidekick. Every superhero needs a side kick to things such as  taking a photo of us in our next experiment

Its true though, I do look like an evil genius bent on ruling the world (oh what a wonderful feeling that is) but just like the Green Hornet movie, you have to break the law to protect it, a vigilante that works outside of the judicial system.
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