Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Impromptu Trip

It was another lazy Friday where everyone is waiting for the weekend to come, including myself. I was chatting with a friend as usual, when he suddenly popped the idea. Let's go to Melaka, like right now. I was like? What? I haven't packed yet. He said to just get up and leave now. It was crazy, it was impromptu, it was unplanned, it was perfect :D. So I went to Melaka with literally the clothes on my back.

 I actually bought all that I needed in Melaka, so it was not so bad. We did the normal stuff such as jalan2 at Dataran Pahlawan, which is actually a nice shopping mall

 Of course a photo at this huge red building that I totally forgotten what it was :p but I remember taking a picture here the last time I came here.

 This was something that I haven't been in a while, a museum !! We visited a replica of the Malacca Palace where they house a museum in it.

 It was nice to take look back to our history and get mesmerized by it. I don't like memorizing the dates but the stories are intriguing

 Remember the movie. Night at the Museum. well Malacca Palace has its own Night at the Museum by conducting sleep overs in the museum. How interesting..

 My mother's family is from Melaka, even though they speak Negeri Sembilan, I guess it has to do with living on the border of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. My friends were amazed with the architecture, for me, it looks like any other house on my kampung. I do love these style of windows

 We went to the incredibly delicious Cendol place at Jonker street called Jonker88. It was DAMN FREAKIN GOOD CENDOL.
 Find them and me on the Internet :p

 I loved the interior, it has a lot of character.

 It has a lot of photos and memoirs from the past.

 Did I mentioned the cendol was damn good. Pure and thick coconut milk and gula melaka, with soft smooth cendols. It was to DIE for.

 We side tracked into this place called Tanjung Tuan,  I am  not sure what tanjung is, I think it could be Cape?? It has a lighthouse located on top of the hill where people can walk up the steep hill to it
 You could go jungle trekking, but HELL NO!!!... I don't want to do it. So we just took the paved road to the top.
Other than the lighthouse, Tanjung Tuan was said to be a great place to be bird watching since migratory birds come here to rest before continuing on their journey.

Overall, I loved the trip, despite it being unplanned and in a rush. It was all about freedom and I have no one to yell at me when we get lost or call me stupid because I could not read the map as fast as they drive. It was pure joy really. I think I would love to do this kind of trip again, especially after I get a job. Nothing like a mini vacation in our own Malaysia. You would be surprised at what you might find in your own backyard..
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